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I am a subscriber of The Great Acting Blog and have just received (and am re-blogging) this nice, worth reading piece of advice this morning:

Build Confidence Through Practice
By James Devereaux

“Periods of unemployment can lead to a loss of confidence in our abilities as an actor – the belief that we can do it and that we are worthy of a place, gradually shrink away. This can create the cruel situation of not being in the right frame of mind to take opportunities when they do eventually come along. A downward spiral ensues as well as an exit from acting altogether in some cases.

However, sustained practice of craft will maintain confidence and even re-build it if that’s necessary. Get hold of scripts that you are passionate about, that you’d love to do. Then work on them and go through your process as you would on an actual production. Study the scripts, memorise the lines for the part you want to do, and practice doing the scene (or monologue) out loud. Set practice objectives and each time you accomplish an objective, your confidence will receive a boost. Despite the grind of poverty and unemployment, by practicing on material which excites you, you’ll remind yourself of why you fell in love with acting in the first place, you’ll remind yourself of the strength of your abilities and you’ll keep your skills sharp. The knock on effect is that you’ll be in the right frame of mind to keep building your career, you won’t fall away as so many do. It’s crucial however, that this practice is done with intensity and commitment, otherwise you will not enjoy the full benefit of it.*

*I am absolutely NOT talking about going to acting classes here. This is about doing it purely for yourself in a situation you control. It’s not about pleasing other people. This practice is for you, it’s not about other people making money off you, it’s not about trying to please others or working on material somebody has given you. Create practice only for yourself.”

I like James Devereaux’s texts and insights about the craft of an actor. If you like it too, show him some love and subscribe to his page HERE.

This is our first re-blogging, from the super cool Website . I thought it was something really relevant for independent filmmakers and you can see the full story and its links HERE.

You can also help the project HERE.

Pilot of a series, showcasing Rio de Janeiro with real stuff, not just the usual tourist attractions.
The show is in English, as it focuses on giving foreigners an “insider’s look” on what Rio de Janeiro really is.
You can check it the full Episode 1 HERE or below:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revealed artist Olly Moss’ official poster design for the upcoming 85th annual Academy Awards. Check it out below!

Designed in collaboration with Gallery1988, the poster features 85 different Oscar statuettes inspired by the Best Picture winners from 1927 to 2012.

What’s your favorite?

AMPAS - oscar - poster Daniel Bertorelli Bertorelli's World 2013

A couple more stills from CLOSURE.
Are you able to recognize the place?
Would you like to know some facts about Human Trafficking? Check out this UNITED NATIONS WEBSITE to LEARN MORE.

CLOSURE - Sansarah Bertorelli - Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles - CA
CLOSURE - Daniel Bertorelli

May this year be full of challenges and accomplishments!!!

Daniel Bertorelli - Sansarah Bertorelli