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Pilot of a series, showcasing Rio de Janeiro with real stuff, not just the usual tourist attractions.
The show is in English, as it focuses on giving foreigners an “insider’s look” on what Rio de Janeiro really is.
You can check it the full Episode 1 HERE or below:


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revealed artist Olly Moss’ official poster design for the upcoming 85th annual Academy Awards. Check it out below!

Designed in collaboration with Gallery1988, the poster features 85 different Oscar statuettes inspired by the Best Picture winners from 1927 to 2012.

What’s your favorite?

AMPAS - oscar - poster Daniel Bertorelli Bertorelli's World 2013

A couple more stills from CLOSURE.
Are you able to recognize the place?
Would you like to know some facts about Human Trafficking? Check out this UNITED NATIONS WEBSITE to LEARN MORE.

CLOSURE - Sansarah Bertorelli - Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles - CA
CLOSURE - Daniel Bertorelli

May this year be full of challenges and accomplishments!!!

Daniel Bertorelli - Sansarah Bertorelli

Jack the Giant Slayer“, (originally “Jack, the Giant Killer“) has debuted a new trailer and poster.
Daniel Bertorelli - Jack The Giant Slayer - 2013

The trailer for Bryan Singer’s (Superman Returns, X-Man) latest movie sees the titular hero (Nicholas Hoult) and his proud knight companion (Ewan McGregor) journeying up a magic beanstalk to rescue a princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) from the land of the giants.

Jack is given the opportunity to become a hero after he unwittingly opens the way for the giants’ return to Earth.

The film also stars Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane and Bill Nighy.

You can see myself above, displaying a cool outfit, also ready to fight a few giants! 🙂

Below, the poster and trailer.

Jack the Giant Slayer - 2013 - Bertorelli ' s World

Frustration + Growing anger.
A hell of a combination for a guy with a 9mm and a death wish…

CLOSURE – coming soon

Between takes with screen & martial arts legend Jet Li.
Note the “volume” under my shirt! What do think it is:

A – a machine gun
B – a radio
C – a camera case
D – maybe I had to many pizzas!
Take care y’all!!!