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Jack the Giant Slayer“, (originally “Jack, the Giant Killer“) has debuted a new trailer and poster.
Daniel Bertorelli - Jack The Giant Slayer - 2013

The trailer for Bryan Singer’s (Superman Returns, X-Man) latest movie sees the titular hero (Nicholas Hoult) and his proud knight companion (Ewan McGregor) journeying up a magic beanstalk to rescue a princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) from the land of the giants.

Jack is given the opportunity to become a hero after he unwittingly opens the way for the giants’ return to Earth.

The film also stars Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane and Bill Nighy.

You can see myself above, displaying a cool outfit, also ready to fight a few giants! 🙂

Below, the poster and trailer.

Jack the Giant Slayer - 2013 - Bertorelli ' s World