Bound To The Future – Great Scott!

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Back To The Future, Daniel Bertorelli, Movies, News, Uncategorized, Writing

I was just a kid, but was able to watch Back to the Future when it first arrived in theaters. Many of my friends think it was Sylvester Stallone with all his Rockys and Rambos or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s / James Cameron’s Terminators that inspired me to pursue a dream that was like a million to one shot, but I must say Marty McFly / Michael J. Fox / Robert Zemeckis were the main reason I decided to become an actor and a writer at a very young age. Probably it was the first movie poster I ever had! The soundtrack, the DeLorean time machine, the skateboard, RayBan glasses, the guitar… watching this film is like living it all over again! Huey Lewis and the News’s “Power of Love”: the first song lyrics I learned how to sing in English!

I am finishing writing my book and in the near future I will post a fragment of it here on the blog. There is a chapter called Bound To The Futurewhere I write about how much I cherish Back To The Future and this wonderful time I had watching it when I was younger! I would have never imagined that this young boy born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in a small town in Brazil would be married to a great woman, making friends from all over the world, working with films in Hollywood and London and living the dream!

Back to the Future is a movie which deserves to be seen on the big screen and now you have the chance to do it! Mark your calendars for October 23 and 25: Back to the Future is BACK! “Great Scott!”


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