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Actorfest – 2010

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Every year, Back Stage takes the performing arts community to new levels and provides career opportunities with its 5-star event Actorfest that takes place annually in New York and Los Angeles. Now in its 18th year, Actorfest 2010 NY & LA will be the most spectacular and exciting event to date as Back Stage adds to the glamour and celebrates its 50th Anniversary.


With basic admission you can attend the exhibit hall, audition at one of the open casting calls, and socialize in the networking café.

ActorFest 2010 - Bertorelli 's World - Daniel Bertorelli

ActorFest 2010

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avi Lerner, co-chairman and CEO of Nu Image/Millennium Films, will be honored with the 2010 IFF Lifetime Achievement Award at the 25th anniversary Gala Awards Dinner of the Israel Film Festival. The ceremony is scheduled to happen on Oct. 20 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

I had the pleasure of working with Avi Lerner recently in the hit “The Expendables,” starring Sylvester Stallone and “the most awesome cast ever assembled”. He is one the of the most experienced producers and distributors of independent films in the motion picture industry with over 270 films to his credit and, by the way, is also a very nice guy and just great to work with!

Lerner, Nu Image and Millennium Films currently develop, finance, produce and distribute approximately 16 pictures a year with budgets ranging from $20 to $60 million and shooting in locations all over the world.

Hollywood Producer Avi Lerner - Daniel Bertorelli - Nu Images - Millennium Films

Avi Lerner - Daniel Bertorelli


Rocky IV - 1985

Rocky IV - 1985

Last year, while working on the filming of “The Expendables” I came up with an original fundraiser idea for the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF RIO DE JANEIRO. I had ordered online some boxing gloves and wanted to make good use of them on the set. No, I didn’t intend to swap punches with “The Italian Stallion” or with “ Ivan Drago – The Siberian Bull” (although the thought crossed my mind…)
Sylvester Stallone - Daniel Bertorelli

Sylvester Stallone - Daniel Bertorelli - on the set of The Expendables

On the last day of shooting the main footage in New Orleans for “The Expendables”, I wanted the gloves AUTOGRAPHED by both Stallone and Lundgren and then donate them to be marketed by the American Society for which I was a member and a Governor, to raise money for their charities in Brazil.

The first one to sign was Dolph. I called him and asked if he could kindly autograph the boxing gloves that would help raise some money for charities, and he couldn’t be nicer. He said he would sign them later that day on the set. Not only autographed them but also posed for a few pictures, to prove the item is the real deal! The tough guy is a gentleman!

Dolph Lundgren - Daniel Bertorelli

Dolph Lundgren - Daniel Bertorelli - on the set of The Expendables

It was late at night (or should I say early in the morning?) when Sly finally filmed his last scene in New Orleans. I was chatting with Celeste Salzer (Associate Producer) when we saw him approaching: “That’s it! We did it!!!” – he cheered with that “mission accomplished” look.

The man is a machine. Several stitches in his hand, a twisted ankle, bruises all over and nothing less than broken neck, but Sly was still energetic and ready to rock! I told him my idea about the boxing gloves, and he promptly autographed them and also posed for a picture! The man is a real class act!

The American Society of Rio de Janeiro is a great institution where I learned a lot as one of the few native Brazilian Governors and made a lot of friends. Check out the AmSoc WEBSITE HERE and stay tuned to find out how to get these UNIQUE AUTOGRAPHED BOXING GLOVES SET, 25 YEARS AFTER THE CLASSIC ROCKY IV!!!

Thank you Sly Stallone and Dolph Lundgren for your courtesy! For sure, your biggest muscles are your hearts!!!

If you are a Sylvester Stallone fan you undoubtedly know Craig Zablo’s STALLONEZONE.COM, Sly’s #1 fan site in the world. Zablo’s website has been up and running since 1996 and it is updated weekly! This week BERTORELLI’S WORLD is featured on his page HERE, showing “The Expendables” coverage in the UK.

Thanks for the mention, Craig!

You can read more about Craig Zablo and his websites HERE and read about how I ended up working with “The Expendables” HERE.

Daniel Bertorelli - The Expendables 2

On the set of The Expendables

Daniel Bertorelli - The Expendables

On the set of The Expendables

Fernando Meirelles and Daniel Bertorelli at BAFTA - September 2010

Fernando Meirelles and Daniel Bertorelli at BAFTA - September 2010

At a panel discussion led by Isabel Davis (UK Film Council), with Producer Gail Egan (Potboiler Productions) and Christine Langan (Creative Director, BBC Films), Director Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Faithful Gardener, Blindness) talked about his early career. Smiling and upbeat, he was humble enough to say that his movies had international appeal often by “sheer luck.” Meirelles, who has become almost a household name after the critical and public acclaim for films like City of God directs O2 Filmes and has directed and produced more than 700 commercial films. He explained that his previous work on commercials and advertisements has taught him to be fast paced in an environment where you have to “tell a story in three seconds.” His movies are full of layers and very visual but even so, he considers himself a lover of dialogue.
Asking Fernando Meirelles about "The Method"
Meirelles future project as a director is to be called “360” from a script by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon,The Last King of Scotland). The plot is based on the Arthur Schnitzer play La Ronde (circa 1900) which examines sexual morality and class ideology through a series of sexual encounters of couples from different social classes. At one point the story goes full circle, thus the interesting title 360(degrees).

Last June Meirelles posted in his “O2 Filmes” blog a set of directions concerning the excess of digital material that is being created due to the fact that digital is cheaper than film, but he thinks that it backfires with the additional editing and storage costs.

What was supposed to be a set of directions for use for his own O2 Filmes “has become a big deal” in his own–again humble–words about digital material: “We are reinventing how to make movies.”

Sir Ben Kingsley - Daniel Bertorelli

Sir Ben Kingsley speaks up

I (Daniel Bertorelli) asked him if “The Method” had already had an impact artistically. (I made it clear I was not talking about “Stanislavski.”) I explained myself by saying that it is my opinion that with fewer takes, the actors must be more focused and maybe show a “fresher” work, instead of having dozens of takes that may lead to much more editing and work for editors but poor performances. Meirelles again emphasized the absurd amount of raw footage created by too many takes. Sitting by my side was SIR BEN KINGSLEY who added to Meirelles answer with his own actor’s perspective.
Sir Ben Lingsley - Daniel Bertorelli

Sir Ben Kingsley

Sir Ben Kingsley said he prefers to work with one camera only and with “an eye line.” Kingsley (an Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actor’s Guild winner) explained how important it is for an actor to have something or somebody to look at while acting and to know where the camera is (something hard to do when there are a lot of cameras rolling at the same time). Meirelles agreed and said no one there was better able to answer my question!
Sir Ben Kingsley

Sir Ben Kingsley

BAFTA - Alberto Flaksman - Daniel Bertorelli - Bertorelli's World

Alberto Flaksman (Head of International Relations - ANCINE) at BAFTA

As a Brazilian actor and writer married to a German citizen living in London involved in film making on a variety of levels in Brazil and the USA, these are my impressions about the event.

Especially relevant, I thought, were the presentations on the MARKETPLACE: Exploring Co-Production and Collaboration between Brazil and the UK. Producer Nik Powell (Deputy Chair, BAFTA Film Committee, the Director of the National Film and Television School) welcomed the audience and was followed by an ANCINE (Brazilian National Cinema Agency) presentation on opportunities for financial partnership and support, led by their Head of International Relations, Alberto Flaksman. More technical information about this matter that can be found HERE.

BAFTA - Discussion Panel

Then Brazilian producers Lucy Barreto, Paula Barreto and Mariza Leao along with Samantha Horley (The Salt Company) and Chris Pickard (Critical Divide, consultant for Rio Film Commission, and former editor of Moving Pictures) debated the Brazilian production system, partnership incentives and shooting in Brazil. Isabel Davis (UK Film Council) chaired the session.

As a writer, I would underscore the “real life” Brazilian producers have to face and how scripts have to be adapted to meet the financial reality of the production, depending on how much money they can raise from the market. Two thumbs up also to Samantha Horley’s comments on the international potential of Brazilian movies, the “hows” and “whys” they are chosen (or not!) by international distributors. It was said during the panel that some Brazilian movies often feature a very self-centered focus on Brazilian culture. However as the only Portuguese speaking country in the middle of a Spanish speaking continent can be a determining factor of having a product that sometimes can be exported and reach foreign audiences or not. The “universality factor” mentioned reminded me of my early studies of Joseph Campbell’s work on this topic. But movies are “motion pictures”, right? Of course “an image says more than a thousand words” but another peculiar thing about Brazilian movies is the fact that there is a lot of dialogue that eventually would have to be captioned or dubbed when/if the movie is to be exported, and it can limit its box office potential internationally.
Then there was a discussion panel with Director Fernando Meirelles (O2 Filmes – City of God, The Faithful Gardener, Blindness), Producer Gail Egan (Potboiler Productions) and Christine Langan (Creative Director, BBC Films). More on the NEXT POST.

MARKETPLACE: Exploring Co-Production and Collaboration between Brazil and the UK.
Great afternoon with lots of information!!!
Will post some pictures later.